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Planet Earth is Blue... Comments ...and There's Nothing I Can Do.


Name: James Date: 07/09/2008 Country: UK
Comments: Great Website
Name: Your Favourite Date: 07/09/2008 Country: UK
Comments: Brilliant Website. Wish I could do this. 10 out of 10. (Thanks Lynda)!
Name: Ingrid Date: 18/08/2008 Country: Netherlands
Comments: It works! (of course if bloody works! You should know as "I never cease to amaze you!")
Name: Jim and Muriel Date: 07/10/2008 Country: UK
Comments: Looks great from what we've read so far - will keep reading. (Thanks)!
Name: Jenny Date: 22/11/2008 Country: Australia
Comments: Had to smile when I read your comments about the Trans-Asia-Express from Istanbul to Tehran. Completed this in September on an overland trip to Beijing. Had very similar story with long stop at Beyhan, delays, loco breakdown and checking the track for detonators, ferry waiting at Lake Van, having to wait for train at other side. Arrived in Tehran at about 5am. Pity you didn't take overnight train to Esfahan, you'd have loved it. (I know. Unfortunately I was getting sick of trains after over a week on them. And all flights were booked out. But will go back and do it sometime).
Name: Jenny Date: 22/11/2008 Country: Australia
Comments: Enjoyed your website; came across it when  trying to find the location of Behyan within Turkey. By the way, had terrible case of food-poisoning on the train, wonder if it was the same cook/guard?! (Well if it was I was lucky; the food was fine).
Name: Me Date: 08/01/2009 Country: Deedeliedee
Comments: I love the picture of you in the boat (Madagascar), that looks like a boat from our history, long. long ago. How clever were we humans, so long, long ago. I wonder if they tried it on the sea and oceans and how far did they go? A picture of this sets off a chain of daydreaming. (Inge, you are gorgeous)!
Name: Sophia Date: 08/01/2009 Country: Farawaystan
Comments: "Sycophantic praise"? That is a new word I'm going to use on a daily basis. First I need to find out what it means... (it means insincere flattery in order to gain favour or advantage).
Name: ik Date: 08/01/2009 Country: Hoelahoep
Comments: Why so official an introduction to leave a comment? It is like a threshold; a barrier to leave a note, a remark, critic, compliment, joke, to be impulsive about it, a quick reaction, comment, well you get my drift. By now I've forgotten why I wanted to leave a comment in the first place. It was to say something nice I'm sure. Don't let this little comment of mine disturb you, I admire what you've done here. (Don't worry; I don't)!
Name: Claudia Date: 08/01/2009 Country: Tropical Island
Comments: Michael, why is it that when I make my remark and click the "return to form" button, like a good girl would and should, that click brings me back to "leave a comment" page? But next time I don't want to come back here... I want to return to the site, to start reading what you wrote and look at your pictures and all that. Is it possible do you think? (Yes. just click on a "Return to Index" tab. There's one at the top and bottom of every page - Mike).
Name: Kevin Kinsella Date: 08/01/2009 Country: USA
Comments: Hi Michael. I don't wear a brace any more. Now I live in Long Island CA. It's OK here - no snow.
Name: Michelle Date: 14/01/2009 Country: India
Comments: Well documented Mike! Ur details about Madagaskar r excellent, that's on my list! To date I have just been to Oman, Nepal and UAE. Not much but hope to travel some more soon. So do you think the recession will help travellers? (Depends I suppose on exchange-rate fluctuations or poverty-inducing collapses in 3rd World economies. It certainly doesn't help if your currency is  British Pounds - Mike).
Name: Serbian Exile Date: 11/02/2009 Country: Great Britain

Not sure it wouldn't be better to be able to click and get bigger photos. (I agree and am working on it - and some video clips. But its a huge job so don't hold your breath! - Mike).

Name: Daniel Date: ??/03/2009 Country: Romania
Comments: That's a great site. I really enjoyed reading you being quite a traveller myself. Thanks. (And thanks for the comment)!
Name: Inge Date: 02/10/2009 Country: Holland
Comments: "Bamba" - waiting for your adventures. ("Colombia and Venezuela 2009" is under preparation. But I'm experimenting with the facility to click on photos to get a big picture so it might be a few weeks yet).
Name: Philip Date: 28/10/09 Country: Ireland
Comments: Great site. How many kilometres (or miles if you like) do you recon you've travelled over the years? I've been confined to a wheel-chair for some years now so travelling is only a memory for me. However I can relive my back-packing days by reading your site. Keep up the good work. Slán agus beannacht. Thanks. (I Might try and work out distance travelled some day. But it would take a long time).
Name: Inge Date: 03/11/09 Country: Holland
Comments: You know what I miss? A map of the continent/country/area to look up the route you travelled. To get a picture of the distances and an orientation. A link to Google Maps perhaps? Google Earth would do too. Or how about Street View? (I like the Google Earth idea and would probably be practical. Don't watch this space but might try it over the winter.).
Name: Angus Date: 05/11/09 Country: Scotland
Comments: Liked your site but was disappointed that you give your location as "Glasgow, UK"; why not "Glasgow, Scotland"? Have pride in your nation. Saor Alba! (I was waiting for this comment from a fellow Scot at some point. Now I've had it, so I've amended the location)!
Name: David Lundy Date: 05/11/09 Country: England
Comments: Your site is very informative but not very gay friendly. A bit of info on gay bars, clubs etc wouldn't go amiss. (Well, the site isn't about bars or clubs, whether gay or straight. You can get plenty info on bars and clubs on the web).
Name: Kurt Date: 06/11/09 Country: Germany
Comments: It is interesting that you also have made the visits of many of the same countries as I in South America. Also your experiences there make similar to me. Never have I been to Antarctica but your descriptions encourages me to go there. Best wishes from Kurt.
Name: Julie Barnes Date: 06/11/09 Country: California USA
Comments: I love to travel and have made many foreign trips mainly to Europe and South America. This year I travelled the Pan-American Highway from Anchorage in Alaska to Punta Arenas in Chile. I had intended to visit Argentina but news of the death of my cat Coco forced me to return to Sacramento sooner than I expected. Perhaps I'll go back some day. Your travelogue makes really interesting reading. Have you ever been to Australia or New Zealand, Mike? That's where I hope to go next year. (Not to Australia or New Zealand yet. Figure I can still do them when I'm old and grey. But the idea of the Pan American gets me thinking) - and sorry re spelling - didn't realise I could cut 'n paste!
Name: Diana Date: 09/11/2009 Country: Idaho, US
Comments: I'll be visiting Europe (including Bonnie Scotland) next summer - my first ever time outside of the US. Are there any places you could recommend? Perhaps we could meet up? Why not? (Lots of places here I could recommend. There's an email address on my guestbook site. Send an email if you want or post a message here - I needn't publish it).
Name: Gerry Date: 10/11/09 Country: South Africa
Comments: Your site certainly makes interesting reading but with all those air miles you must have the carbon footprint of a small town. Have you never considered the damage you must be doing to the environment? (True to an extent, although if possible I always travel by train. Sadly there are few in South America).
Name: Dominic Date: 11/11/09 Country: UK
Comments: This is a very good site and an enthralling read which I would recommend to anyone thinking of visiting Latin America. It has far more of a personal touch than Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or any of the other commercial publications while still remaining objective. I look forward to reading more of your travels in South America.¡Buen viaje, amigo! (Thanks)!
Name: Bryn Date: 12/11/09 Country: Wales
Comments: It beats me why you go anywhere. Your sojourns abroad seem to be peopled by surly, antagonistic officials, unfriendly or menacing locals and incompetent and lazy hotel/railway/airline staff. Your experiences in Patagonia run totally counter to mine. When the locals (who had surnames like Evans, Williams and Jones coupled with Spanish forenames) learned I was Welsh it was like they had found a long lost brother. God bless those wonderful hospitable people.
Name: Harriet Date: 13/11/2009 Country: Australia
Comments: I'm a typical Aussie of my generation and in the last 20 years I've travelled the wide world over. I've been on all continents (yes, that includes Antarctica) but have never committed my memoirs to paper (or computer) as you have done. A mammoth task I'm sure but one of which you should rightly be proud. I see no mention of Africa anywhere - have you been? I'm sorry that you don't think you'll visit Oz and NZ until you're older. Do it now - it might be too late then. (Apart from Madagascar I've not been to Africa (yet). There are also about 15 trips in the 1990's I haven't written up yet and probably never will - as you say it is a mammoth task. And I'll get to Oz  yet).
Name: Ingrid Date: 13/11/2009 Country: The Netherlands
Comments: Would you be interested to return to a country  like Afghanistan, or China, to see and compare how the situation has developed/changed in the places you've visited? Or do you prefer to go to new places each time you travel? (I do sometimes go back to old haunts, i.e. Chile and in the 1990's made repeated visits to changing ex-Eastern Bloc countries (not written up yet). But I have been thinking of a return to China and perhaps Tibet next year).
Name: Nabir Date: 16/11/2009 Country: India
Comments: Please do not go to Tibet. By so doing you will be giving tacit support to the illegal Chinese régime which has raped and oppressed my beautiful country. I am a Tibetan living in exile in India and will not return until the invader has left my country. Come to India instead. I beg you. (See below)
Name: Grace Hall Date: 17/11/2009 Country: Ontario, Canada
Comments: Cool site. Interested to read your impressions of Canada especially my home town of London which as kids we thought was the most boring place on God's earth. I suppose it takes a stranger to see a different aspect of a place. I would have thought an adventurous type such as you would have made a trip to the wilder parts of Canada such as the Yukon or the Northwest Territories. (in all honesty I don't remember actually raving about London OT. But it was a good base to visit a Canadian friend and pleasant to visit. And I might make the North some day).
Name: Alec Wakemile Date: 17/11/2009 Country: US
Comments: Greetings from Nevada! Came across your site by accident but I've added it to my favorites. Where (and when) is your next vacation? (Next year. Possibly China (and no return to Tibet) where I haven't been for 14 years.. But I  intend adding some old trip, make photos enlargeable and add video over the winter months).
Name: Gabriel Ranchal Date: 17/11/2009 Country: Spain
Comments: "This is a very nice website. Well done. (Thanks)!
Name: Angela Birchall Date: 20/11/2009 Country: Cheshire, England
Comments: My husband's idea of a good holiday is lying on a beach all day followed by a pub crawl in the evening so I'm what you could call an armchair traveller - I get my kicks from reading travel writers such as Paul Theroux. Your site is up there with the best of them.  (Thank You: some of these recent comments are beginning to make me think of sounding out the publishing industry. Have you ever read any of /Tim Moore's travel books, i.e." Continental Drifter", "Frost on my Moustache" etc? Different and funny).
Name: Carla Barlenghi Date: 20/11/2009 Country: Italia
Comments: "Your writings are very interesting. It is so lovely to read about your many journeys in the world. (Comments like this make me want to keep writing them - although I enjoy the critical comments too!).
Name: Will MacKae Date: 23/11/2009 Country: Scotland
Comments: You've done a good job, Mike. What's your favourite country to visit? Mine is Outer Mongolia - have you ever been? (I've only crossed Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Railway back in 1994 - a trip I'll write up some day. However it's high on my list of "must visit" countries).
Name: Tom Date: 24/11/2009 Country: NZ
Comments: I see your next trip is to Kazakhstan. I worked there in the oil industry for a couple of years and can think of almost nothing to recommend the place. Good luck. (Well, it's a massive country and there are some good bits. And I quite enjoy travelling to hell-holes anyway).
Name: Wilma Challace Date: 25/11/2009 Country: California, USA
Comments: I'm sitting here in the early hours reminiscing about last summer's vacation in Scotland. It's the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Everywhere from the scenic Lock Lomond to imposing Edinburgh enchanted me. You write so well about other countries - I'd love to read your thoughts on your own land. Have you travelled much in your own land? (Apart from the wind, rain and cold I've travelled fairly extensively in Bonnie Scotland but it's only when I take friends from abroad to see it and see how much they love it that I can really appreciate the beauty of the familiar).
Name: Alberto Date: 26/11/2009 Country: Belo Hirozonte, Brazil
Comments: You must very much like the South America - you have made many visits. I like too and also your website and fotos. (Thanks; and I'll certainly be back).
Name: Rachel Gilabrand Date: 01/12/2009 Country: US
Comments: You've certainly been around. I was disappointed that you got such a rough ride from the US Immigration Service when you crossed over from Canada. That kind of thing gives a bad impression of our nation. If you ever come back I hope that you're treated better. (I found it quite amusing actually. And they were kind of nice about it in a way).
Name: Martin Date: 01/12/2009 Country: Denmark
Comments: It is clear that you have put a lot of effort into creating your website and it has paid off. Well done! From a fellow Scot in exile. (Thanks!)
Name: Camilo Date: 02/12/2009 Country: Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Comments: You did not write if you enjoyed to eat conejillo de indias (guinea pig) when you come to Colombia. It's tasty, do you agree? I'm so glad you don't write bad things about my country like many foreign writers do. Thank you. (I have eaten coa in Ecuador. Delicious. However my friends were horrified. In Britain children keep them as pets).
Name: Charles Date: 02/12/2009 Country: UK
Comments: Excellent work. There's certainly a lot of truth in the old adage "Travel broadens the mind". (Agree; although some of the other respondents here don't seem to agree with my outlook - but if I didn't love the people I meet I wouldn't go away).
Name: Anthony Date: 02/12/2009 Country: England
Comments: Some nice pics but I'm not keen on some of the disrespectful sentiments you've expressed on your site about local religion and customs eg remarks about the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio and moans about the church on Montserrat. You'd better keep them to yourself in Latin America or you might be in for a punch in the mouth (or worse). You probably won't publish this. (I publish (cut and paste these days) everything, unless an obvious spoof posting by a friend. And everyone has there opinions. Actually, in Rio de Janeiro the locals thought the idea of putting a parking cone on the head of the statue of Christ the  Redeemer hilarious - although one takes the chances of being hit by a lunatic bigot who hates free speech in any country).
Name: Brian G Date: 03/12/2009 Country: Paisley, Scotland
Comments: Mike: Anthony is right. Defacing or making fun of religious artefacts (no matter what the religion) is disrespectful. A statue of Christ is not just any old statue. We should always be mindful of local sensibilities and cultures. When in Rome do as the Romans. (Et, tu Brute)!
Name: Modou Diop Date: 03/12/2009 Country: Senegal
Comments: Dear Michael, I'm a 37 years old Senegalese (West Africa), male. I see that you are an interesting person with an interesting life. i come to tell you that I'll be really gald to welcome in me country which is seen as a door for Africa Continent. I hope you accept this invitation. and that you will reply here's my email. (Thanks for the comment and the invite - I'll make mainland Africa some day I promise).
Name: Kofi Date: 03/12/2009 Country: Ghana
Comments: You should visit West Africa (especially Ghana!!) - I would love to read your impressions of this part of the world. And we need the tourist dollars! (Actually I'm thinking of mainland Africa possibly even next year).
Name: Dietmar Date: 07/12/2009 Country: Hannover, Germany
Comments: If we are to save the planet we must limit our air journeys. You write of the beauty of Antarctica but how much have you contributed to the destruction of that beauty? (Can't defend the air travel. However (and unlike the cruise ships), the vessel and the operator I went to Antarctica on very strictly adhered to the international Antarctic Convention; not even allwed to smoke or take anything we could litter ashore).
Name: Pio Date: 07/12/2009 Country: Pietrelcina, Italia
Comments: Have you been in Italy, Mike? It's a beautiful country with good food and many beautiful ladies. You will like. (Actually no. At least not yet. But I agree I should have and intend visiting in the next few years).
Name: Olivia Date: 07/12/2009 Country: Brazil
Comments: You write so nice about Brasil. I think you like to live here. (I'd certainly like to visit again).
Name: Benedetto Date: 08/12/2009 Country: Roma
Comments: You write about exotic places yet nothing of your own country or neighbour lands in Europa. Do you think them dull and commonplace? (Not at all. In fact most of my pre-2000 trips which I haven't written up (yet) were to Europe. And I love my native Scottish landscape; I just don't write about it here).
Name: Rafael Date: 08/12/09 Country: Vélez Málaga, Spain
Comments: Saludos de España. This is a very interesting website. I am much interested to travel and in 2010 I will go to Argentina and Paraguay to visit my cousins. You make nice observations of South America. (Paraguay is still one of the few South American countries I haven't got to - YET)!
Name: Nikola Date: "07/12/09 Country: Russia
Comments: I am a 26 year old gay man from  small town 50 kilometr from Sankt-Petersburg. Life in small town is not so good for gay peoples. There is much violence and hate. I like to travel to place where gay man can be happy like San Fransisko or Brighton in England. Is Argentina nice for gay peoples? (Not sure. Buenos Aires is I think. Not so sure about the smaller towns though).
Name: Candice Date: 08/12/09 Country: Lincoln, NE, USA
Comments: This one of the best websites of its kind I have come across. I'm a grade school teacher so I'm going to award you a gold star! Go to the top of the class. ( Thank you very much! I'll pin it to my lapel)!
Name: Reginald Barr Date: 09/12/09 Country: Perth, Australia
Comments: My wife and I visted Peru last year and followed in the footsteps of Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadores. Strange that you do not mention him in your account of your visit. (I have read about and studied the Spanish Conquest of Peru for the last 30 years. Perhaps I thought that including a lot of history would put people off reading. However the name of this website is named after the Inca's last refuge - the lost city of Vilcabamba - the ruins are still there, deep in the Peruvian jungle).
Name: Jan-Pawel Druga Date: 09/12/09 Country: Wadowice, Poland
Comments: "Do you make plan to return to Poland? If you do you will see much change. (Yes. I was in Poland three times in the 1990's but certainly want to go back. And might write up the trips some day).
Name: Benny Masakela Date: 09/12/09 Country: Bloemfontein, RSA
Comments: If you come to South Africa next June/July you'll have a great time. The FIFA World Cup is on and fans from many nations will be gathering. Tickets are still available for lots of top matches. Just visit and then get yourself a flight. You'll love it. Best wishes from Benny. (Thanks - just a pity my native Scotland didn't qualify)!
Name: Eugenio Pacell Date: 09/12/09 Country: Vermont, USA
Comments: That photo of the Angel Falls on your home page is truly awesome. Are you a trained photographer? (No, just an enthusiastic amateur. But no photograph can ever capture the sheer height of the falls).
Name: Marie-Claude Brigal Date: 09/12/09 Country: Pontaumur, France
Comments: My English is not very good so it become difficult for me to read your page. But the photographs are very beautiful. You have a great talent. (And your English + spelling are very good also).
Name: Camilo Date: 10/12/09 Country: Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Comments: Thank you to publish my comment last week. In February 2010 I visit to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. I will write again to describe my journey. (Please do! I am interested in going to Central America some day).
Name: Jacques Date: 14/12/09 Country: Quebec, Canada
Comments: Mike: Do you travel alone? If so, it must be quite lonely especially if you (like most anglophones) don't speak the language of the country you're in. (I do travel alone - and apart from a bit of French my foreign language skills are poor. It can get lonely sometimes - especially in the more obscure places I've been. However I am planning on going with someone next year).
Name: tOM Date: 15/12/09 Country: Queensland
Comments: I love Thailand. It's a beautiful country with friendly people.  And for a few baht you can have a different chick (or boy if you're that way inclined) every night. (I'll take your word for it!).
Name: Tariq Date: 16/12/09 Country: Karachi, Pakistan
Comments: Your site makes me wish to travel more. I have been to England, Kenya and Tanzania but never to USA. I would very much like to see USA especially New York and Washiton but because of the Taliban situation it is not likely I can go. US Immigration people make difficulties for Pakistan people. (It's difficult but not impossible. Follow the rules, produce the documentation required (inc proof of finance) and accept you might get a bit extra scrutiny at Immigration. However if you've got a visa you should manage).
Name: George Bailey Date: 17/12/09 Country: Bedford Falls, NJ
Comments: I've often wanted to travel abroad but I've been told that hygiene standards in Africa and Asia aren't very high. Is this true? (It depends on what your used to I suppose. But you'll hardly end up lice-ridden, unable to wash or riddled with exotic tropical diseases)!
Name: Phan Date: 21/12/09 Country: Thailand
Comments: Thailand is a most friendly country. But we do not want sex tourists in our country. Stay away from Thailand Mr Tom from Queensland. (Phan - I quite agree - although I  publish all comments made to this site - EXCEPT the occasional OBSCENE and THREATENING messages I get).
Name: Rssll Date: 22/12/09 Country: NZ
Comments: So Mikey when you come to gods own country, NZ? I show you good time on Bungy, verry special price. (Well you may get me to NZ some day but I'm damned if I'll jump off a bridge with an elastic band round my ankles)!
Name: Gonzalo Date: 22/12/09 Country: Venezuela
Comments: You make a very good website. I think you are a intelligent man who love Venezuela very much. Return soon. Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo. (Yes Gonzalo, I will return, but not next year).
Name: Mercado  Brandybuck Date: 23/12/09 Country: The Shire
Comments: Mike: Have you ever been to Mordor? I was there last year and it wasn't very nice. Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. (I made it as far as the Dark Gate once but got turned back as the Orcs said I needed a visa. One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them if I recall)!
Name: Tina Lulbek Date: 10/12/09 Country: Alberta, Canada
Comments: The best time to see Canada is in the winter although at the moment (7.00am) here in Calgary it's kind of warm for this time of year- minus 13°C ;¬). I'm just about to head into the city to start work with my head filled with your images of sunny Brazil. Roll on summer vacations! (Thanks and sorry I omitted your posting two weeks ago. Slipped past  the net. And we're having the coldest weather in memory in Scotland just now. But not as cold as yours)!
Name: Wim Date: 29/12/09 Country: Netherlands
Comments: You're a real ""Travelling Man"". Keep up the good work. (You can be sure I will)!
Name: Cuauhtémoc Date: 29/12/09 Country: Mexico
Comments: I lived in England for many years and did much traveling in Europe including Scotland. You have a very beautiful country and many easy girls." (So why did you move back to Mexico)?
Name: Cuauhtémoc Date: 29/12/09 Country: Mexico
Comments: You ask why did I return. For this reason that my father had died and I must look after my mother. If not for this I will still live in Manchester. Feliz año nuevo. (Sorry but glad you liked Manchester while you were there).
Name: Patrick Date: 30/12/09 Country: Kirkintilloch, Scotland
Comments: Mike: Either your memory is very short or you're much younger than you look. This is not the coldest winter in living memory. As recently as the winter of 1995-96 the night time temperature in Glasgow dropped to -25°C and for over two weeks the day time temperature never rose above freezing. That aside your website is quite good. (Well OK, I didn't check the historic met. records. But without being pedantic according to the BBC this is the coldest in the UK for 25 years).
Name: Orina Degato Date: 05/01/10 Country: Uruguay
Comments: Happy New Year, Mike! You should show a map with highlighted all the countries you have visits. (I tried that but, for instance, Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil etc, with their huge areas gave a rather distorted view).
Name: Jenny Talia Date: 05/01/10 Country: Australia
Comments: Get yourself over to Oz, Mikey. You'll love it - I'll even show you around myself. Bonzer site BTW. Looking forward reading about your next trip. (Aw thanks!: I'll make Oz one day, but saving it I'm too old to want to half kill myself in jungles and deserts. And NZ. Next trip not till next summer though, maybe somewhere in Africa).
Name: Nabir Date: 08/12/10 Country: India
Comments: I am so happy to see that you will not now travel to Tibet. Thank you. (13/05/2010 - actually might do the Beijing/Lhasa train journey in October - sorry!).
Name: Kris Date: 15/01/2010 Country: Auckland, NZ
Comments: I'm coming to the UK to work for a year (or two) probably in catering or bar work. I like the city life but I'm also into mountain biking and rock climbing. Where do you reckon is the best place for a 22 year old bi-guy? (London for the city life I suppose. Good mountain biking (I think) in the Lake District - rock climbing Scotland and Wales. But lots of other places too).
Name: Declan Date: 27/01/10 Country: Tyrone, N. Ireland
Comments: Last November we travelled to north Norway to see the Aurora Borealis - it was beautiful and awe inspiring! Did you see the Aurora Australis when you went to Antarctica? (No, unfortunately I didn't. I saw the Aurora once, long ago,  from the Scottish Islands. But no comparison I imagine to the North of Norway. But one day perhaps)...
Name: Jean-Luc Date: 28/01/10 Country: Beauvais, France
Comments: Thanks to Ryanair my partner Dominique and I can fly often to beautiful Scotland. From Beauvais to Prestwick the journey makes only 90 minutes. We like Ayrshire, Loch Lomond and Glasgow especially the Polo Lounge. Meilleurs voeux de Jean-Luc et Dominique xxx" (Thank You)!
Name: Fergus Date: 01/02/10 Country: Galway, Ireland
Comments: I note from the flags on your header page that you have visited Ireland yet you make no mention of it anywhere else in the site. I'd be interested to hear what you thought of my homeland. (Yes, I was in Dublin and around for 10 days in 1998. Unfortunately I haven't got round to writing up these yet. But I liked Ireland very much).
Name: Kris Date: 01/02/10 Country: NZ
Comments: Mike: I think you misunderstood me. What I really wanted to know was what would be the ideal city for me to live in with access to mountain biking and rock climbing. Manchester? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Would London really be an option? Any advice would be gladly accepted. (I'm no expert but London is nowhere near mountains. Try a city in Scotland although I suggest you look up the Internet).
Name: George Date: 08/02/10 Country: England
Comments: Great site. Being a traveller myself I'd like to have a go at creating my own site. Is it difficult? (It depends. The program I use cost a lot but allows me to start build the site from scratch. This took a long time and a course of night classes. However its pretty easy - and free - to get a site up and running using the many web-building programs you'll find on the web - both Yahoo and Google have free web-builders).
Name: Robbie Date: 11/02/10 Country: NSW, Australia
Comments: One way to make your site a bit more interesting would be to have some pictures of girls in swimsuits. You must have seen some of them on your travels - especially in Brazil. (I certainly did - however that's not really the purpose of this site. And if you Google "girls - swimsuits" you get 376,000 hits so your not lost for choice elsewhere)!
Name: Debbie Date: 19/02/10 Country: England
Comments: A friend and I have been planning travelling overland to India this spring. Quite aside from the Iraq leg (the FCO have told us it's a no-no) the other problematic country would seem to be Iran. How do you think two twenty something single females would fare? With your vast experience what difficulties do you envisage for us? Should we expect anything more serious than a bit of bum pinching or the occasional grope? (Wear trousers and a token headscarf and you should have no problems - Iranian men (at least in Iran) are generally very courteous. Why don't you go to the Lonely Planet "Thorn Tree" forum ( tree) and look up or make a posting on women travellers in Iran. I can 99% guarantee you'll get more advice from other recent female visitors).
Name: Suzi Date: 20/2/10 Country: Iran
Comments: Very nice review about your train trip to Iran . hope next time you visit other cities in Iran and have better time. (Thanks, and I certainly intend going back to Iran some time to see more of the country. But next time I'll check on the internal transport first).
Name: Silvinho Date: 22/02/10 Country: Portugal
Comments: Your journey to Antarctica is very interesting to read. I like very much the foto of the penguins. Made it very cold there? (Actually, being summer it was only a few degrees below freezing. But its a very intense cold that seems to go right into your bones).
Name: Gerrit Date: 02/03/10 Country: Netherlands
Comments: You look very happy to be surrounded by klompen. Have you spent much time in the Netherlands? (I do. I go across to visit a very dear friend in Amsterdam several times a  year. It's only n hour and  half flight from Glasgow).
Name: Jerzy Date: 04/03/210 Country: Poland
Comments: You are the modern Magellan. Good voyage! (Well not quite in that class but thanks anyway. Some day I might get round to writing up my Polish trips of the 1990's).
Name: James Date: 11/03/10 Country: Dorset, England
Comments: Mike, may I offer a little criticism? It is clear that you have put a lot of work and effort into your website. The narrative is interesting and well illustrated by your photos. However, what spoils an otherwise excellent endeavour are the errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Did it never occur to you to have someone proof read it before publication? (I agree totally - my grammar isn't the best and despite trying to get people to proof-read for me I couldn't get through to them what proof-reading actually meant, i.e. ruthless use of the red pen on the spelling and grammar, NOT comment on the content. I'm currently looking for a program that can do this for me (although I do use spell and grammar checks); unless of course you fancy the job!?). And I NEVER alter the spelling/grammar of anyone's comment's which I feel would be patronising (and a bit hypocritical)
Name: Christoph Date: 12/03/10 Country: Austria
Comments: You seem to like like countries with mountain? Austria have many - the place for you perhaps. (I've been to Wien and travelled across Austria through the beautiful Austrian Alps by train and coach and they are indeed spectacular. Some day perhaps I'll stay longer).
Name: James Date: 17/03/10 Country: Dorset, England
Comments: There you go! You've done it again - it's England not ""Englan""! A little care is all that's needed. (True I'm afraid - don't know why I don't spot these - a cut 'n paste error this time. At least you have motivated me to successfully find a proof reading program on the web).
Name: Lubomir Date: 26/03/10 Country: Slovakia
Comments: I find your website only yesterday and now I have read all. Beautiful photographs and interesting stories which make me desire to go to South America. Next year I shall. Thank you, Mike (Thanks Lubimor, and think you'll find S America worth it. Haven't been to Slovakia since it was Czechoslovakia - about 20 years ago).
Name: Roger Boyes Date: 30/03/2010 Country: Bedfordshire, England
Comments: Mike: It has long been a desire of mine to visit Peru but my partner suffers from herpetophobia (a fear of snakes) and needs some reassurance before any trip is booked. What is the likelihood of encountering snakes? Love your site BTW. (Never seen any snakes in South America - except in the Amazon where we went looking for them. You don't get many snakes at altitude).
Name: Olaf Priol Date: 01/04/10 Country: Trondeheim, Norway
Comments: Mike: Each year the Norwegian newspaper ""Dagbladet"" has a competition for amateur websites. I hope you do not mind that I have nominated your site in the travel category. (Thanks - I'm delighted. Even if it doesn't make it should help in the never ending struggle to keep the website off the bottom end of search engines).
Name: ? Date: 01/04/2010 Country: ?
Comments: I was a student of engineering at Glasgow University for four years and I have many happy memories of my time there. Greetings to Scotland. (I studied at Glasgow University too. Cheers!)
Name: Flora Poli Date: 01/04/2010 Country: Portugal
Comments: Wonderful photographs! You should be very proud. (Easy comments like this prompt me to develop my site further! THANKS!, Mike).
Name: Edson Date: 06/04/10 Country: Brasil
Comments: Saudações do Brasil!! This is a beautiful website - I love it! I anticipate eagerly to read more of your travels. Adeus e obrigado. Edson (Well I'm in the process of typing up some pre-millennium trips - but will take time).
Name: Modestine Baudet Date: 07/04/10 Country: France
Comments: Every year we make camping holiday in the Highlands of Scotland. This year we go to Ullapool. It is most beautiful just like your photos. (Thanks. I went to Ullapool once, in 1990. You should get the ferry to the Outer Hebrides).
Name: Scott Bellsonit Date: 07/04/10 Country: Manitoba, Canada
Comments: At last spring has come to the prairie! Currently (8.40am) here in Winnipeg it's 27ºF and expected to hit a high of 50ºF this afternoon. Not quite swimsuit weather but much warmer than of late. It's been a long winter and I hear it's been much the same in northern Europe. Bet you can't wait to head off to warmer climes. I know I can't - it's Cuba for me in a week's time. Have a great vacation! (Thanks - was in Cuba in 1997 but still to write it up).
Name: Paul Duderwaan Date: 09/04/10 Country: Port Elizabeth, RSA
Comments: South Africa has been getting a lot of bad press lately but it's not as bad as they make out. You should visit. I think you'd like it. I'm going to China, Korea and Japan in June/July to get away from the World Cup. I hate football! Love your site - I only wish I had the skill and the guts to create my own travelog. Best wishes. Paul. (Can't say I'm a big fan of football either - or the Olympics which we'll have to put up with here in 2012).
Name: Charles Beaubague Date: 09/04/10 Country: Belgium
Comments: It is my joy to travel and for this reason your web site please me. The photographs are stunning and your prose is plain but effective. Last year I voyaged from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans Siberian Railway - an exhausting but enjoyable experience. This year I shall go to Australia, New Zeland and Fiji returning via Los Angeles and Boston. Bon voyage et bonne chance. Charles. (I did the Trans-Mongolian Branch in 1994. And I'm in the process of writing it up. And I'm seriously thinking of doing it again in the next year or two. Enjoy your next trip)!
Name: Michael Myška Date: 09/04/10 Country: Slovakia
Comments: I think I am first correspondent from Slovakia to your website. It is nice to read about different countries especially when the writer has sympathy with the places he visits. One may never visit but thanks for your website one can dream! Greetings from Bratislava! Your Michael (same spelling but different pronounce). (Actually I was in Bratislava and around in 1990 when it was still Czechoslovakia. My second ever foreign tour. And enjoyed it).
Name: Eura Juanca Date: 12/04/10 Country: Bolivia
Comments: I am happy you enjoy your visit to my country as I have enjoy your website. I hope that some day you will return. Hasta la proxima. Eura. (Thanks, and am sure I'll be back some day. MIKE).
Name: Wayne Date: 13/04/10 Country: England
Comments: With your vast experience where do you reckon are the best places to go for uncomplicated no strings sex? Those Brazilian chicks look pretty hot but are they up for it? (Not sure what sort of experience your alluding to here. But  it seems a lot of hassle and expense to go all the way to Brazil. And you'd really need to speak Portuguese)!
Name: Bobby Pulla Date: 13/04/10 Country: New Mexico, US
Comments: This is a barry site as we used to say in Musselburgh where I was a laddie. I haven't been home in a few years but I hope to visit my sister in Haddington in the fall it will be nice to see some rain again. Scotland forever! (Help ma boab! A barry site eh? Well thanks anyway Jing Crivems)!
Name: Alfi Date: 17/04/2010 Country: England
Comments: How difficult (or easy) is it to buy a parrot in Brasil? I'm looking to add a Tucuman to my collection. (Dead easy to buy. Dead difficult to legally take to another country - if your a parrot collector you'll know about CITES)?
Name: Anthony Date: "18/04/2010 Country: England
Comments: Judging by the disrespectful attitude you have shown earlier, no doubt you are most pleased by the vandalism perpetrated on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. I pray that God will have more mercy on you than I feel like showing. (What did they do? Put a parking cone on its head)?
Name: Mary Beth Date: 21/04/10 Country: US
Comments: I've always wanted to visit England to see all the places where Princess Diana lived. I would also love to go to Paris to lay flowers at the spot where she was so tragically killed. It must have been real traumatic for you British to lose her at such an early age. I miss her so much. (Personally I thought she was an eco-centric self publicist who used he alleged beauty to combat her  low self-esteem to manipulate the media. But I realise that's a minority view. well perhaps)!
Name: Raimundo Date: 22/04/2020 Country: Quezon, Philippines
Comments: This is a groovy site. If only others were more like it! You should come to the Philippines - I think you would like it. It's very user friendly - most of us speak English for a start. (You are perhaps giving me ideas for future years).
Name: Calum Date: 23/04/10 Country: Scotland
Comments: I wish I was one of those people stuck abroad because of the volcano because this election is doing my box in (Touché! I have been expressing similar sentiments to anyone who will listed for the past 10 f***ing days. Nothing would have given me better pleasure than having to negotiate a third of the world overland)!
Name: Raimundo Date: 22/04/20 Country: Quezon, Philippines
Comments: This is a groovy site. If only others were more like it! You should come to the Philippines - I think you would like it. It's very user friendly - most of us speak English for a start. (That is certainly a thought; not this year but in future years).
Name: Calum Date: 23/04/10 Country: Scotland
Comments: I wish I was one of those people stuck abroad because of the volcano because this election is doing my box in. (BLOODY RIGHT! I have had similar thoughts over the last week too)!
Name: Anthony Date: 27/04/10 Country: England
Comments: Ha ha ha! How original! Putting a parking cone on top of a statue - you're such a hoot! (Not really; just a thought - and up close the statue isn't really great. The usual hawkers trying to fleece tourists with tacky souvenirs. And not a hint of any religious or spiritual reverence).
Name:   Date:   Country:  
Comments: The vandalism perpetrated on the statue was spray painted graffiti. This wanton act met with national condemnation including a statement from the president. Can you imagine if the Cenotaph in Whitehall were defaced? That's how the Brazilians took it. If any Brazilians found your suggestion regarding a parking cone amusing (which I doubt) then they're very unusual creatures indeed. (Well, I must have been lucky enough to only meet Brazilians with a sense of humour. And vandalism to the structure is different from putting a cone on its head. Grow Up! And this is not a discussion forum).
Name: Ernie Skillen Date: 28/04/10 Country: Fermanagh N.I
Comments: Just a thought. You say that the Corcovado statue in Rio isn't great up close. But it isn't meant to be viewed up close. You only get the full effect from a distance. Nice site BTW. (Your quite right. And love your nom de plume!).
Name: Raelene Date: 29/04/10 Country: Australia
Comments: What does eco-centric mean? Was Diana an environmentalist? Or just a mentalist? ("Eco-centric - obsessed by self or self image. And don't recall Diana - or her unsustainable and extravagant lifestyle -  being environmentally viable. So guess she was just a mentalist).
Name: Hugh Janus Date: 04/05/10 Country: Isle of Man
Comments: You've certainly been about a bit. What aspect of travel attracts you most: people, culture, wildlife or climate? (Not climate - I'm not a masochist! Certainly wildlife if its there. But mostly people and culture; especially when its changing - and I like the odd adrenelin rush).
Name: Billy Date: 07/05/10 Country: UK
Comments: A previous poster was right about your language skills. The word for self-obsessed etc is ""egocentric"". If there were such a word as ""eco-centric"" it would mean obsessed about the environment. (I know, I know; your quite right!)
Name: Anders Date: 11/05/10 Country: Norway
Comments: That's a funny picture of you on the Introduction page. What were you doing? Var du driter? (Climbing down an outcrop in the Tatacoa Desert in Columbia. By the way, what does "Var du driter" mean? Can't find a translation anywhere).
Name: Theodore Date: 11/05/10 Country: Luxembourg
Comments: Have you ever been to Luxembourg? I think probably not. This is a delightful website - you have done good work. Machst du Scheiße in diesem Bild? (Thanks - and I've sort of been in Luxembourg - well passed through on a coach to Greece on my first trip abroad back in 1989. But the coach didn't stop to let us off. And need a translation for your last sentence).
Name: Anders Date: 12/05/10 Country: Tromsø, Norway
Comments: What I want to know by ""Var du driter?"" is were you having a shit? (Well, as my guide was photographing me the answer is no. And deserts aren't really very discrete places for crapping!).
Name: ? Date: ? Country: ?
Comments: Did you know the midnight sun season begin here on 21 May? It is a wonderful time in northern Norway. Maybe you can come some day. (Damn right I will. I've always got on well with Norwegians. However at present I'm keeping the more civilised parts of the world till I'm old, grey and decrepit and can't rough it anymore).
Name: Ashley Date: 13/05/10 Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
Comments: Disappointed that you're not wearing the kilt in any of your photos. To my mind there's no sight finer than a pair of sturdy Scots thighs wrapped in plaid. Even better if a fortuitous breeze should reveal a bit more than just thighs. That's if the kilt is being worn properly of course. Apart from that I just love your site. My folks are from Scotland BTW - my dad's from Largs and my mom's from the Isle of Arran (where the sweaters come from). (Your Mum's from the ISLE OF ARRAN! Really? I used to live there and most of my friends are from Arran. Which village does she live in? Name? I might even know her! You ever been there? However the sweaters come from a different ARAN (spelt with one "R". It's off the coast of Ireland. And a kilt might be quite good fun for my next trip).
Name: Oliver Date: 13/05/10 Country: England
Comments: I must agree with Anders. That's a most amusing position you have contorted yourself into. You look like you have a bad case of the squirts and have to go right away. Maybe the guinea pig you ate the night before hadn't been cooked properly. Hope you had some Andrex with you. Incidentally, I really enjoyed reading your site. (Thanks. In actual fact I was in the process of falling down the slope when the photo was taken).
Name: Theodore Date: 14/05/20 Country: Luxembourg
Comments: There must be telepathy happening between Luxembourg and Norway because my enquiry is is similar to Anders. ""Machst du Scheiße in diesem Bild?"" mean ""Were you making a shit in that foto? (Have a look at the "Colombia & Venezuela" page. You'll see I climbed up onto a ridge to have my photo taken which is published on the page).
Name: Ashley Date: 14/05/20 Country: Cape Breton NS
Comments: Hi again. I'm a bit disappointed that those knits aren't from the same Arran. My late mom always told me they were. Her maiden name was Kerr and she came from Shiskine - family still have a plumbers business there. The last time I was there was 2006. I'm the only male child of the line so my aunts and uncles were mighty pleased to see me. And do wear the kilt on your next trip - apart from looking great it's a great conversation starter. Ashley. (A small world indeed! I know the plumbing business "William Kerr and Sons" at the bottom of the String Road. And I agree about the kilt. Especially for South America where the Scottish admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane is considered on of their greatest liberators from Spanish rule).
Name: Jeremy Date: "17/05/10 Country: England
Comments: There's a feeling I get from your accounts of your travels in South America that you regard the place as some sort of theme park. You've seen all the sights and done all the tourist things but you don't really connect with the locals. Well, you do but in the same way that visitors to Disneyland connect with Mickey and Donald. (I do the sights but also get off the track - i.e. Tatacoa Desert and the less salubrious parts of cities which I assure you requires utter trust and integration with the "locals" (yr words). Perhaps my prose isn't all you want. And unfortunately I have only limited time; couldn't afford it if not in full time employment. And I still have friends who I mail regularity from the Afghan mission).
Name: Clifford Date: "12/05/10 Country: England
Comments: Just what is your obsession with the Third World? With a few rare exceptions, the places you visit are at the lower end of the world economic league table. Do you like to parade your financial superiority in front of the less fortunate? Or are you attracted to poverty and squalor and the opportunities they provide for a predatory rich westerner?" (Go away! Where have you ever been (and I want proof) I'd rather spend my money in countries of my choosing, where the people need and appreciate my cash,  than in greedy burger-lands)!
Name: Clifford Date: "18/05/10 Country: Worceste
Comments: Well I certainly hit a raw nerve there. And then you try to excuse yourself by using the age old self-justification of the exploiter – “I’m giving them a living”. Exactly what proportion of the money you spend in five star hotels, smart restaurants and bars do you think ends up in the pockets of the poor? The only thing that surprises me about you is that you haven’t been to Thailand. After all it has everything that the affluent westerner on the prowl craves. (Yeh, Yeh. Yeh. Of course I only stay in penthouse suites in  five star hotels, get the management to supply me with a cheap, underage  prostitute every night, dine in French restaurants and throw the leftovers to the grateful, starving  street urchins. Grow up and get a life! End of correspondence).
Name: Olaf Priol Date: 19/05/10 Country: Trondheim, Norway
Comments: You remember me? I said I would enter your site to the ""Dagbladet"" competition. But no, they will not accept because it is .uk and not .no. If it was Norwegian I am sure you would have a good chance to win. Sorry about that. (Of course I remember you. And no matter - thanks for nominating me anyway. Actually I made a link to the Dagbladet site so will watch developments. Thanks again)!
Name: Lee Date: 20/05/10 Country: England
Comments: That flat top mountin on the Columbia Venzulea page looks like the one in Close Encountres of the Third Kind - is it the same one? (No it isn't. "Close Encounters" is one of my fave films so I can tell you the mountain in the film is "Devil's Mountain" in the Black Hills, Wyoming, USA. However these rocky outcrops in Venezuela were the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World").
Name: Corey Date: 21/05/10 Country: Sheridan, Wyoming
Comments: It's not Devil's Mountain it's Devil's Tower ('Mato Tipila' in Lakotan). Have you been? When I was at high school I did a sponsored abseil from the summit. Never again! Love your site as I'm a big fan of Brazil (and Brasileiras) - I've been eight times. Você merda em que afloramento rochoso? Corey (So my internet research wasn't as good as it could have been! But thanks for the compliment. And I would like to visit "Devil's Tower" - perhaps some day).
Name: Rita Date: 24/05/20 Country: Spain
Comments: I would like to see a picture of you in a kilt ¿Tiene un pene grande. (Popular opinion seems to wish me to get a kilt. I've taken all of October off work. Perhaps I'll get a kilt for the trip - wherever I eventually decide to go. Even despite the fact my legs aren't up to much!).
Name: Sophie Date: 24/05/10 Country: England
Comments: Actually, seeing pictures of you on your site, can I see a picture of you naked? You are big skinny gorg" (Have you an email address? Only kidding!)
Name: Nabir Date: 25/05/10 Country: India
Comments: If you go on the train from Beijing to Lhasa I hope it will crash and that the wolves will eat your body. You are a wicked man! Long live free Tibet! (I agree Tibet should be free - especially as it wouldn't revert to the repressive, feudal theocracy it was before the PLA invasion and atrocities. But I don't believe in isolating occupied Tibet).
Name: Tatiana Date: 25/05/10 Country: Russia
Comments: Do men wear kilts regularly in Scotland? I have seen Scottish men in kilts at football games but are they just for special occasions? I think you might look nice wearing one. (Apart from football matches and formal occasions such as weddings the Scots rarely wear the kilt now - and the sort of kilt we usually wear today (belted round the waist is a 19th century, romanticised version of the true kilt which is a length of cloth - "plaid" worn round the waist and over the shoulder).
Name: Cameron Date: 26/05/10 Country: Largs, Scotland
Comments: I have worn the kilt (Hunting Stewart tartan) abroad many times over the last 35 years (no, I'm not in the dreaded Tartan Army!). If worn in the traditional manner in hotter climes it keeps the nether regions fresh (no ""Betty Swollocks"" for me!). However, when I was much younger and more attractive than I am now it did sometimes attract unwanted approaches from dirty old men. Thanks to old age that hasn't happened for some years now." (I'll keep that in mind: although some of the earlier comments from female correspondents make me think it might be worth the risk!)
Name: Frodo Date: 04/06/10 Country:  
Comments: I often wonder what inspires people to put their holiday photos and travel experiences on-line. I suppose you are the modern equivalent of those frightful bores who used to inflict their slides and Super 8 home movies on long suffering friends, neighbours and family. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (At least, unlike these bores you talk of - and  I've experienced - viewing this site is voluntary. And some people seem to like it and its a good way to share experiences with co-travellers who may also have sites too. Do you have a fantasy, Tolkien-esque existence bore site?)!
Name: Clifford Date: 28/06/10 Country: England
Comments: Well, it's all gone quiet round here. Has your little fan club deserted you? Perhaps I opened their eyes to your disgusting exploitation of the poor of Latin America. I certainly hope so. Is there any chance I could get you to alter your predatory habits? (Unlike you and your sad little life I have a social life and better things to do than make sad comments about other people's web-sites. As a result the site has slipped down the Google search-engine list)
Name: Chelima Date: 22/07/2010 Country: Kenya
Comments: Praise (genuine not sycophantic) is due to you for this site. You have made a good job and I eagerly anticipate to read more about your travels.Walikuwa akiwa na harakati bowel katika picha hiyo? (Thanks, but haven'y been able to translate the last sentence yet)!
Name: Mir Date: 23/07/2010 Country: USA
Comments: Hi.  I was searching for travel between Istanbul and Tehran by train and saw your trip notes. Thanks for the information.  I am U.S. national of Iran origin so should not have any issue entering Turkey or Iran.  I will be going to  Turkey for a 2 weeks vacation and thought it would be nice to go to Iran as well. I like to see the country side so a train trip should be fun.  I am only concerned about its logistics.  So any hints you can send me will be appreciated. (Have your email address. Will get back to you in the next few days).
Name: Neil T Date: 28/07/2010 Country: Bonnie Scotland
Comments: Neil T" "28/07/20" "Bonnie Scotland" "Hi MikeWith having a new Yahoo email address, and having canceled my last one due to it having been 'hacked into', I've lost email addresses for the likes of yourself and a few others. It would be good to get these back again. If you've got the time, please send these. Hope all's well with you, Mike, and that you've got some interesting travels planned ahead. Cheers, Neil (Will do so in the next few days. Mike)
Name: Clifford Date: 03/08/10 Country: England
Comments: I am not sad - I have a happy and normal life which I try to live without exploiting others especially the poor. Perhaps you should do the same. (I do not exploit the poor - what planet are you on?).
Name: Alimech Date: 04/08/10 Country: Palestine
Comments: I like to read about travels - on the web and in books because as a Palestinian from Gaza I cannot travel because of the illegal Israeli blockade. Maybe someday I can visit other country - maybe Bonny Scotland! Until then I will continue to read. Your site is very nice. (Thanks, and I sympathise totally with your situation and the illegality of it. I just hope that one day you will be free to live and travel as you wish).
Name: Ghalib al-Nacer Date: 11/08/10 Country: Dubai
Comments: Have you been to Dubai Mike? I think you will like - sunshine, nice beach and many designer store. (I've stayed in Dubai twice but only for a day or two in transit. Afraid the humidity was almost too much for me)!
Name: Anna Date: 2/9/10 Country: Australia
Comments: Hi just saw your blog. Wondering if the train was safe for women by themselves to Iran? Im blonde and Western looking. Meeting someone in Tehran but would like to train. Oherwise could you recommend flights. (Very safe. On the Iranian side not so modern but full of welcoming IRanian families and well policed. On the Turkish side this is a very modern, well policed train, fully 1st class, secure doors etc. Don8t worry. Just remember you have to book your ticket at the station of departure - so write it down first to avoid language problems).
Name: Anna Date: 02/09/2010 Country: Australia
Comments: Hi just saw your blog. Wondering if the train was safe for women by themselves to Iran? Im blonde and Western looking. Meeting someone in Tehran but would like to train. Oherwise could you recommend flights)? The train is modern, well policed and safe with locks on the couchette doors. It's as safe as on any train in the area so make up your own mind. Personally I've seen single, young Western women travel by themselves on much worse trains. And its unlikely you'l be the only Westerner on the train). Go for it!).
Name: Renald Rusé" Date: 12/10/10 Country: France
Comments: This site is a nice concept but rather boring. Why don't you do something exciting on your next journey? I know what you mean. Unfortunately NASA wouldn't let me visit the International Space Station however.
Name: Nabir Date: 16/12/10 Country: India
Comments: Did you decide not to make trip to Tibet? No. Not coz I don't believe in sneaking in as I have before and revealing what I saw there, but just coz I had other plans which were thwarted by falling ill with  Tonsilitis. But will be off for a short trip in the new year a somewhere unusaul..
Name: Reginald Barr Date: 08/02/11 Country: England
Comments: It looks like I'm your first foot, so Happy New Year! Thanks! I must admit that as I haven't updated the site significantly for a while it seems to have slipped down the Google ratings into obscurity a bit. However I intend going to Mongolia in May so that account should boost the ratings with any luck.






Comments: You do yourself no favours by using text speak like 'coz'. Queen's English please. The Queen's English?! Surely that's going from one contorted version of the English language to the other.
Name: Pieter Date: 23/02/11 Country: RSA
Comments: Nice site. You have done a good job.Was jy kak in die foto? Thanks though I don't quite get the last sentence.
Name: Wolfgang Date: 05/03/11 Country: Deutschland
Comments: Very interesting. Sie waren so eine Scheiße auf dem Foto? But what shit on whst photo.
Name: Pawel Kilen Date: ??/07/11 Country: Poland
Comments: I have cross Borneo from West to East in august 2009 by myself no guide and so on. If you wont some info email me. I might well do as crossing Borneo was something I wanted to do but abandoned a few years ago as I considered it not practical. You Poles always seem to manage the impossible - one of my favourite countries though haven't been since 1999!
Name: Ghalib al Nace Date: 01/09/11 Country: Dubai
Comments: Ramadan now has finished and tomorrow I make journey to Pariz, France to visit my brother. You have not make any travel since 2009 - have you grown tired to see our wonderful world. Enjoy France and visiting your brother. (Couldn't get away last year but intend a trip in the Autumn. Apart from anything else publishing it will push my website higher up the Google ratings again and more people will find it).
Name: Brangala Richel Date: 13/09/11 Country: Spain
Comments: Wunderful, marvellous, phantastic to see yore fotos. The travel is the greatest thing of my life - to Europa, America, Asia. I love it very much. Please relate more from yore experience of the world. (Thanks for the comments. Actually I've the whole of the 1990's to write up and the photos I have help me remember most of what I got up to although I make a diary these days. It's just so time consuming. But might get some done over the Winter; I have started writing up my train journey from Scotland to Shang Hai in 1994 but let it fall by the wayside).
Name: Charlie Grabnall Date: 13/09/11 Country: Oz
Comments: Bonzer site. But you haven't made it Down Under yet. Get your skates on you skinny bludger. (Yeh I know I should but I'm keeping places like Oz, NZ and USA till I'm too old for the wilder parts of the world).
Name: Cal Hagler Date: 13/09/11 Country: Wyoming, US
Comments: Nice to read personal accounts of trips to foreign parts. I'm heading to Hawaii soon (I'm a volcanologist). Have you ever been? Volcanoes, hot springs and hot chicks. Lovin' it already. (Lucky you! I studied geology, mainly tectonics and volcanology at school. Living in Edinburgh we had a lot of geology on our doorstep. I also made it (illegally) to Krakatoa in 1996. Enjoy it your trip and your career).
Name: Ghalib al Nacer Date: 14/09/11 Country: Kuwait
Comments: I have now return from visit my brother in France. Paris is a beautiful city with many fine building. My favorite is Ark de Triumphe. Do you know this city? Thank you for yor kind wish.. (I spent a week in Paris about 25 years ago. Since then I've stopped off a few times in passing but haven't stayed more than a few hours. Brussels is beautiful too; I was there for a few days last May. And by the way Ghalib, since you posted your comment the site seems to have come back to life again - lots of visits and comments. Thanks)!
Name: Jenny Talia Date: 17/09/11 Country: Perth, WA
Comments: I've said it before and now Charlie has said it so I'll say it again - GET YOURSELF OVER TO OZ!!!! (now, now now; at rate you'll be mirroring US nationalism. I'll get to Oz one day I promise you)!
Name: Ashley Date: 18/09/11 Country: Scotland, formerly Nova Scotia.
Comments: Mike, you may be interested to know that I've relocated from Nova Scotia to Arran and the ancestral home in Shiskine. I'm loving the life but there's only one problem. I'm the only gay in the village! If I want a bit of action I need to make the trip up to Glasgow. A hard man is good to find. (Try the "Kinloch Hotel" bar on a Friday or Saturday night. Under the machismo,Scottish, Young Farmer exterior,  you might find some surprises. Or so a friend who lives in Blackwaterfoot tells me).
Name: Yukio Date: 20/09/2011 Country: Japan
Comments: This site makes interesting reading. I also am a traveller and have been to Europe Australia and USA. I have surprise that a person so widely travelled as you do not go to Japan? (Don't worry Yukio, Japan is on my list for a visit in the next year or five).
Name: Charlotte Date: 20/09/11 Country: Berlin, Germany
Comments: I was making a Google to find information about Atacama Desrt and I found your website. What a happy find! It is very good and interest me so much. Thank you. (I can honestly say that the Atacama is my favourite part of the world (so far). You can scatter my ashes there when I die. Go: you won't be disappointed).
Name: Clifford Date: 20/09/2011 Country: UK
Comments: I see you're still revelling in a) your conspicuous consumerism b) your exploitation of the poor of the Third World and c) your destruction of the environment. When will you wake up and change your ways? (When I email comments like this to the friends (sorry "exploited poor*) I have made when desecrating their countries, they haven't a clue what your talking about. Neither do I. And where do you go your holiday?).
Name: Wilson Date: 20/09/201 Country: USA
Comments: You seem to know everything about everywhere. Well, all the shit-holes, that is. (Does that include the visit to Canada and (briefly)  the USA? Seriously though, most of the countries I visit are around the mid-range of global GDP).
Name: Gareth Date: 20/09/2011 Country: Wales
Comments: It's all very well to see the world but so often we fail to appreciate what's here on our doorstep eg the Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia here in Wales, the Ring of Kerry or the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, the Isle of Skye or the Trossachs in Scotland and the Lake District or the Somerset Mounds in England. All so beautiful and so close at hand. (I get around the UK too and have visited just over half the places you list. I just don't feel they fall into the scope of this website. In fact I was up in the Scottish Highlands white-water rafting last weekend and passed through the Trossachs).
Name: Kedi Date: 20/09/2011 Country: Turkey
Comments: Greetings from Istanbul! You have a very interesting site with much painstaking detail. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. (Thanks. Actually I'm looking at updating the software I use for the site which is getting old and writing up new trips is very time consuming).
Name: Wendy Date: 20/09/2011 Country: USA
Comments: This is fun! You're a cool guy in a geeky sort of way. I love geeks. (Your the second person today to call me a geek. A friend told me they liked my new "geek chic" specs)
Name: Derek Date: 21/09/2011 Country: Airdrie, Scotland
Comments: Funny I've never come across your site before as I'm always on the hunt for travel advice. Good stuff. I'll certainly consult it again. (The site had dropped down the Google ratings over the last 12 months as I hadn't updated it and rarely came to anyone's notice. I'm not sure why it appears to have shot up again over the last week or so. But thanks anyway).
Name: Frank Zayroks Date: 21/09/2011 Country: Princeton, NJ, USA
Comments: Well researched, good photos , interesting read but too many orthographical inaccuracies. Needs improvement. 7/10. (Are you a school teacher? Actually I quite agree re. the orthography. For some reason I can compose letters, reports etc no problem. It's just the prose style I sometimes struggle with. And this is despite my doing spell and grammar checks before publishing anything I write).
Name: Evan Date: 21/09/11 Country: Llachareg, Wales
Comments: South America has always fascinated me so it's been great to read about your experiences there. I'm only 16 but as soon as I'm 18 I intend to go there. (It's expensive and a pain in the arse,( i.e. 14 hour long-haul flights from Spain), to get to, but reasonably inexpensive once you get there. Certainly my favourite continent).
Name: Clifford Date: 22/09/2011 Country: England
Comments: Not that it's any of your business but I spend my leisure time on my allotment, bird watching in local woods and helping out at a local hospice. Unnecessary travel (that includes leisure travel) is a massive contributor to global warming. Have you never considered that? Or don't you care? (Fine. you are entitled to your views and apinions. However this is a guest book and I am willing to publish (non-offensive) commentts about my site. However this is not a discussion board: there are many you can add to easilly accessable on the web}
Name: Freddy Date: 05/08/08? (Agree) Country: ?
Comments: I am bit drunk. best wishes mike for travel. (Been the same but further away).
Name: Indarjit Date: 25/09/2011 Country: Punjab, India
Comments: I am surprised that a well travelled man like yourself has never been to India. Why? (I have been to India, well, at least Delhi and Calcutta while on route to Nepal. However that was pre 1990 before the Internet and home PCs so I never wrote it up. But give me a few years and I might get round to it. And wish to return).
Name: Andy Date: 26/09/3011 Country: England
Comments: So, in your own words, you spent some time ""skulking round public toilets"". I hope you are not passing on any diseases you caught thereby. Keep them to yourself, you vile beast. (Fancy a date:?I know of a good flock?).
Name: Sabeor Date: 26/09/2011 Country: Makedonia
Comments: Best travel site by amatuer which I have found on internet. Bravo. (Thanks. I worked in Makedonia with the UN (KEPS) in 1995 and have many fond memories of Skopje and Ohrid etc). I be.
Name: Wendy Date: 26/09/2011 Country: USA
Comments: Hi! It's me again. Is your cock as knobbly as your knees? (I've added a Q mark at the end of your message as you obviously have no concept of grammar. Insults aside; what are you talking about)?
Name: Khalif Date: 26/09/2011 Country: Bahrain
Comments: I quote from your Afghanistan trip: ""We eventually  had to pay by credit card knowing we wouldn't be able to pay it off until we got back to civilisation. (Well in  2003, in the UAE we could pay by CC. But in these days there was no system to pay off the card (i.e. over the Web and no banks or post was available.
Name:   Date:   Country:  
Comments: Is it any wonder that Westerners are so hated in the Middle East when we read such crass comments as this? (Some of the things I don't publish are from sad HATE HATE people who seem to surf the web looking for sites to disseminate their filth. I do publish anything (inc death threats) I receive,  but not repetidive crank mail (when it gets repetitive), nor illegal hate mail).
Name: Jose Date: 27/11/2011 Country: Spain
Comments: In your section about Galapagos and Peru you talk about ""the downfall of Spain"". No downfall, my friend. The predominant culture in most of South America is Spanish. The majority of imigrantes in the Spain gravitate from South america. We still control but more subtly. (I like this and in the ideal world would like to debate this with you in a good natured way, face to face. Nothing is ever really black and white. I know; you know).
Name: Mirosława Date: 28/09/11 Country: Poland
Comments: Beautiful pictures and interesting reflections from a intelligent man. Thank you for this site. (One day I will write up my three visits to Poland in the 1990's. Unfortunately it's just very time consuming).
Name: Paul Date: 28/09/11 Country: UK
Comments: I'm not long back from Oz and NZ. The flight apart I can honestly say it's the best time I've ever had. If you want city life it's there. If you like beaches there's plenty. If you want wilderness and adventure you've got that too. You really should go. (I'll go later in life when I'm not up to the more unexplored parts of the ever shrinking world).
Name: Yiannis Date: 29/09/11 Country: Cyprus
Comments: I like your site and I think I like you because you are a wise, inteligent, thoughtfull, resorcefull, gay man. (Perhaps the first three though I.m not gay; but you can't have everything (!?).
Name: Horst Date: 30/09/11 Country: Germany


The big problem with travel is energy expenditure. Why must one endanger the environment by selfish endeavour when one can experience the world by means of internet? (I disagree that you can experience the world by internet; and that includes my site. And while international air travel contributes more to global pollution many times less than gases emitted by pet dogs I do travel by rail when possible).
Name: Alistair Date: 03/10/11 Country: Glasgow


Fascinating site. I think I may know you (by sight). Did you ever live in Shawlands? (Yes, but not for a few years).
Name: William Date: 03/10/11 Country: Jersey, Channel Is


Marvellous bit of work you've done here, Mike. Must have taken a good deal of time and effort. Tip top. (Thanks, and it did take a long time).
Name: Dave Date: 04/10/11 Country: London


you got very lazy no new stuff since 2009. (I know, but I'll be back somewhere in the next few months).
Name: Donna Date: 10/04/11 Country: US


I like your site - what's your favorite country to visit? Mine is Massachusetts. (That's a US State: my favourite country is Chile).
Name: Bill Date: 10/05/11 Country: San Diego, CA, US


I was in the US Navy for more than 20 years and saw many parts of the world. Its great to travel AND get paid for it. (I agree with you. Unfortunately I've only been paid for it twice).
Name: Walter Date: 20/01/12 Country: Chile


Fucking good sight! Nearly Theruox! Why are you still amature? You should be a pro in many ways. Have you tried Virtuall Trav? (Not yet but I'll look it up. Thanks for the comments, but I think you perhaps overestimate my talents)! Did you know there is a close bond between Chile and Scotland? It was a Scotsman (Lord Thomas Cochrane) who was hired by your government to found the Chilean Navy and help in their struggle for independance from the Spanish Empire. Chile is definately my favourite country).
Name: Clifford Date:   Country: England


Cambodia next, I see. So you're still at your exploitative ways. (Why don't you get a life and stop bombarding mine and similar sites with your loony rants. And learn how to spell. Your spelling is even worse than mine which takes some doing!).
Name: Roger Boyes Date: 14/04/12 Country: England


Eagerly awaiting your account of your trip to Cambodia and your experiences of their transition to democracy. Next trip Syria or Libya? (I was having some technical problems with my web provider but it is now fixed. I'm off on a short break in Scotland for a week or so but hopefully should have it up and running in two to three weeks. But think I'll give Syria a miss for political and personal safety reasons!)
Name: ? Date: ? Country: ?


I eagerly anticipate your Cambodia report. If it's as half as good as your previous stuff then I'll be happy. (Thanks; and please see the previous entry; I'll have it up and running next month).
Name: Alfredo Date: 25/04/2012 Country: Italy


I think you must be Italian because you are so lazy. You travel to Cambodia in February and still nothing comes on the site. Don't let the grass grow beneath your shoes. Stavi prendendo un cazzo su quella collina? (I can assure you the delay was due to a technical problem with my server; also I've been up North for the last week. I'm currently working on the Cambodia page and hope to have it ready within the next week. I was taking a WHAT up that hill?!).
Name: Juanjo Date: 22/05/12 Country: Spain


Very good - i like this site a very lot. ¿Te gusta chupar la polla. Thanks, but no!
Name:   Date:   Country:  




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