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For over two decades I've enjoyed travelling to many parts of the world in my spare time. In the early days I concentrated on the recently opened up countries of Eastern Europe, but as I grew more adventurous  I spread my horizons further, while still trying to concentrate on destinations that, at the time at least, were a bit unusual and off the beaten track.

Over the years, having accumulated many logs, diaries, notes, memories and  thousands of photographs, and plagued by people who I have bored to death over the years with innumerable improbable (but true) anecdotes to "write a book" I decided it would be more practical  to create a website. This involved a short course in web-design and two years of trial and error not to mention considerable frustration but I finally got there.

I've only written up trips undertaken since 1999 but may get round to the previous 10 or so years eventually, which include much of the then opening up ex-Soviet Bloc, China and South East Asia. In the meantime any suggestions for future trips would be gratefully received.

Mike W (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)



Climbing in the Tatacoa Desert - September 2009
Cambodia 2012

Colombia and Venezuela 2009

Madagascar 2008
Train to Iran 2008
Antarctica and Atacama 2007
Easter Island & Argentina 2006
Chile and Bolivia 2004
Afghanistan 2003
Ukraine 2003 Myself, Tato Desert. Columbia. September 2009
Galapagos and Peru 2002
Romania and Moldova 2002
Brazil 2001

NEW PAGE: Cambodia 2012

Stalingrad 2000
Romania 2000
Canada 1999

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